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World-Class Waves on The Doorstep

Surf to The Bones

Nias is known for its perfectly shaped wave "The Point", which is located right in front of Jamburae Lodge. Thanks to perfect conditions, this wave can be surfed all year round, 24 hours a day.


The biggest swells are from April to October. During low season from October to March, the wave gets smaller. Perfect for advanced beginners to improve their skills on a quality wave.

From Sorake you can reach many surf spots. We are happy to provide you with specific information regarding the waves in the region. For surfers who want to perfect their surfing skills, we offer individual surf lessons and surf guiding.

Activities: Surfing Nias 1
Activities: Surfing Nias 2
Activities: Surfing Nias 4

Waterfalls and Miles Long Beaches

Nature Adventure

Discover Nias’ stunning nature on a stroll along the endless beaches or to one of the many waterfalls, followed by jumping into the refreshing water. The beautiful beach Ladeha is close to our guesthouse. You can swim, have a BBQ or simply relax at this amazing spot.


The island offers numerous possibilities for short or longer trips by foot, bike or boat. 


The Island of The Bounty Hunters

Discover The Culture

For many years, Nias’ inhabitants have designated a martial tribe and were feared because of their bounty hunters. For this reason, Nias developed a unique culture in isolation from the rest of the country. This island also boasts Indonesia’s only megalithic culture.


On a day trip, you can discover the extraordinary building methods of the old villages of Nias.


You could also travel to Gomo to explore the megaliths in the middle of the jungle.

Nias Culture 1
Nias Culture 2
Nias Culture 3
Nias Culture 4
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