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Make the most out of your Surf Trip with a

Fun Boat Trip Adventure

Experience an epic (surf) adventure with our Boat Trips. With our knowledgeable guides, you’ll explore remote surf spots and experience the ultimate surfer's dream - to ride quality waves with only your friends, surrounded by clear water and coconut trees.


For those seeking to go further, we can take you to other islands such as Asu, Bawa or Telos on day trips or overnight excursions. As well we are happy to go out with you on a fishing trip or personalized activities to make your journey truly unforgettable.

Our Boat Trip Selection

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Secrets or Walohiu

Explore remote Surf Spots

Surf with us the nearby lefthanders Secrets or Walohiu. These surfspots are not far away, but difficult to access by land. Let us take you there by boat.

2.000.000 IDR

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Asu or Bawa

Visit other Islands

Island hopping made easy. Come with us on a one day trip or overnight to Asu or Bawa. Asu and Bawa can be reached easy by boat within 2 hours. We bring you there and back. Optional trip with 1 night accommodation.

starting from 5.000.000 IDR

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Catch a Fish

Fishing Trips

price per hour

Where you want to go?

Customized Boat Trips

contact us for an offer

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