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Your Second Home in Nias

Accommodation - Surfschool - Boat Trips

The most innovative

Why did we build this jetty and what is the function and the idea? We built it, because the access in and out from the water on the pure reef is difficult. In case there is an emergency happening in the water, evacuation is very difficult. The logistics for boat trips. 

Function: Easy water access, nice platform for going for a swim and hang out and enjoy watching the surf very close, anlegestelle furs boot, 

Easy getting out of the water after surf. There is even a shower there. After the shower you can sit on the platform, watch and have a nice chat. Going for a swim made very easy. Can jump in to the ocean or in the pools. Very nice for kids. It's for everyone. We made this construction, because we want to make the place more enjoyable and more useful. Government doesn't support enough the devolpment of Sorake. So we did ourselfes the infrastructure we need, always in mind that it is nice and useful for everybody.


The Idea

Clean rooms with comfy Beds, well-maintained AC, private Bathroom and fast WiFi connection. 

Apart from your private space, you will find plenty of spaces in and outside the house to hang out or get some work done.

Surf with Us

"The Point" is probably one of the most perfect and comfortable waves on earth. Easy entry and paddle to the line up, surfable at all tides, almost never flat, safe depth. Plus it is a perfect wave for all sizes and surf levels. From knee high to double overhead and from beginner to pro - it's a wave for everybody.

We are here to help you to get the waves of your life.


Boat Trips - discover the real island feeling

if you want to explore other surf spots or nearby islands, our speed boat makes it super easy. Change the scenery, surf uncrowded waves, hop to nearby islands - our boat trips make it easy.

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