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Surf Lessons and Coaching for Beginners, Intermediates

and Advanced Surfers.

Welcome to Lagundri Bay Surf School

Nias is not only a playground for experienced surfers and professionals alike. It is also a great place to learn and improve for beginners and intermediates.


You want to make first tries to catch a wave, improve your riding skills, or work on your first barrel experience? No matter where you are in your learning journey, Lagundri Bay offers perfect and safe conditions for all levels.

The Surfspots


Lagundri The Point and 
Kiddies Corner

Most surfers associate Nias' world-class-right-hander with heavy stand up barrels. This, because it is shown on numerous surf magazine covers and because Nias is a top destination on the bucket list of almost any experienced surfer.


What most surfers don't know, is, that Lagundri's The Point is also fun and safe quality wave for advanced beginners, intermediate surfers, and longboarders during the off-season (November - March) or even on smaller days during the swell season.


The wave breaks in different sections. The main break called The Point is the most challenging but still manageable for learners. The inside section of The Point, called Kiddies Corner, is easy, fun, and very suitable to practice, play and perform. The ocean ground is reef but deep enough at any tide to have a safe surf. The waves are running non-stop throughout the year, at any time of the day and tide.


Lagundri Beach

Located at the center of Lagundri Bay, and not far from Lagundri The Point, Lagundri Beach has a soft and nicely shaped wave that offers a gentle place to learn surfing.


The size of the wave reaches from knee to shoulder high. Beginners can learn how to pop up and catch waves here without any fear from big waves or reef.


During high season (April - October) when The Point is pumping, this beach break is also the perfect alternative for surfers for whom the waves at The Point are too heavy.

Surf Lessons and Guiding


Are you ready to discover the magic of the Nias wave? We accompany you on this adventure with surf lessons tailored to your level. Each lesson consists of half an hour of theory and briefing and two hours of surfing.


Private Lesson

A private surf lesson focuses on your personal needs.

The theory and practical part of the lesson is specially customized to your individual level - no matter if you start surfing or if you already have some experience.

For this lesson, we will provide you with a surfboard according to your level.

600'000 IDR


Group Lesson

The group lesson for a maximum of two people is perfect for couples or if you want to learn to surf together with a friend. It’s best if both students are at the same level, as the surf lesson is adjusted to the level of the students.

For this lesson, we will provide you with a surfboard according to your level.

500'000 IDR / Person


Surf Coaching

Surf Coaching is the right option for you if you are an intermediate or advanced surfer.


With a coach you get familiar more quickly with the spot, he helps you to choose the right waves for what you are working on - for example getting comfortable with bigger waves or getting barreled - and to have a fulfilling surf experience in general.

The coach also analyzes your body movements and gives you tips on how you can rip next level.

400'000 IDR

Site Wau - Where The Passion Begins

Meet Site,
your Surfguide

Who else could be a better teacher than a local and experienced surf instructor from Sorake?

Site has been surfing for more than 20 years. For 3 years he worked as a surf instructor in Bali's Odyssey Surfschool and 8 years as a surf guide in the Mentawais. Today he has his own beachfront surf camp. Site is passionate about helping you to bring your surf skills to the next level.

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